Lale Sürmen Aran

Impressive Video of Turkey

By the young Italian film maker, Leonardo Dalessandri, “Watchtower of Turkey” is one of the most expressive and captivating videos I have ever seen. In case you have not come across it yet:   Enjoy! Watchtower of Turkey from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

Interview with Imam in Cappadocia

Watch the short interview Rick Steves and I had with a village imam in Cappadocia!   “Watch Rick Steves’ complete TV episode about Central Turkey online for free”

Cooking Class

Learning about eating habits, traditions and cuisine of a culture is an important element of travel.   For this reason, we modified a city walk of the Rick Steves Istanbul tour and incorporated a culinary experience within. The city tour is conducted with food tasting now. So, our travelers joining this tour are getting a great exposure […]

Where is the 12th man?

I visit Seattle frequently and I am very aware how much Seattleites love and support their team. As the 12th man, they have a rightful recognition nation wide in USA. Past January, as Sea Hawks had a big game, as always fans were very excited. At Rick Steves headquarters in Edmonds, WA, we saw some 12th man […]

November 29 – Day 6: Countryside Charms

Official plan for the day: Weather permitting, your guide will take interested hikers on a scenic walk through a Cappadocia valley. Non-hikers can spend the morning in Mustafapaşa, or ride with our bus driver to the colorful weekly market in the nearby village of Ürgüp. After lunch, we’ll tour the ancient underground city of Kaymaklı — […]

Story of a Cappadocian cave hotel!

Dear Reader,   There is a Turkish proverb, it goes as, “the postman takes a day off and decides to take a walk in the neighborhood”. Likewise, with my husband, we used to visit Cappadocia in our private holidays, a place we would normally go when we were hired to lead tours.  After countless visits […]

November 27 – Day 4: Ankara and Cappadocia

Official plan for the day: After breakfast we’ll tour the world-class Anatolian Civilizations Museum, and marvel at its collection of treasures from Turkey’s pre-Roman civilizations. We’ll pay our respects at the monumental Anıt Kabir, Atatürk’s Mausoleum, where we’ll learn about the revered founding father of modern Turkey. After lunch, we’ll travel to what feels like another planet — the scenic and historic Cappadocia region […]