Lale Sürmen Aran
Where is the 12th man?
I visit Seattle frequently and I am very aware how much Seattleites love and support their team. As the 12th man, they have a rightful recognition nation wide in USA.
Past January, as Sea Hawks had a big game, as always fans were very excited. At Rick Steves headquarters in Edmonds, WA, we saw some 12th man fans. Our resident colleagues told us that they were given some by the team so that we can take the 12th man beyond the borders and to interesting parts of the world.
We, Rick Steves Turkey guides, brought one flag to Turkey and took photos in Istanbul and Ephesus. I am not sure if these photos that were shared in social media attracted attention in USA, but I can easily tell the flag attracted much attention in Turkey as we took the photos. People wanted to know what we were doing. It was much fun to talk about the American football, Sea Haws and the 12th man with curious Istanbulites.
However, part of Turkey I truly wanted to photograph the 12th man was Cappadocia. I could only fly down to Cappadocia within the past few days. Following slide show is a short trip of the 12th man thru wonders of this highly interesting region.
12th man might have been to many places around the world so far, but I am pretty sure their flag has never visited Cappadocia before!
Lale Aran
12th man in Cappadocia