Lale Sürmen Aran
December 01 – Day 8: Konya and Antalya. Sleep in Antalya (2 nights).
We’ll begin our day with a tour through Konya, including the busy maze of its sprawling bazaar — a time-tripping treasure trove of hardware, household items, clothing, jewelry, religious paraphernalia and cell phone accessories. Then we’ll head over the Taurus Mountains and down to the Mediterranean resort town of Antalya, where we’ll take an orientation walk and set you free for dinner on your own. Sleep in Antalya (2 nights). Bus: 6 hrs. Walking: moderate.
by Jamie Blair Gould. Mert’s morning bus talk covered the Kurdish
situation. Having actively served in Afghanistan as a Turkish Commando, and
with a Liberal leaning we felt he gave a very balanced account of the
history and the o so relevant situation today on the Turkish border.
Reinforcing further my belief in the necessity of travel.
by Jamie Blair Gould. The long, steep descent towards Antalya and the
Mediterranean Coast and a vast increase in temperature!
by Jamie Blair Gould. The resort town Antalya and an illuminated
Hadrian’s Gate one of a number of sites in this coastal town.